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Combining the knowledge of Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Energy work, we present to you a unique and very powerful relaxation and healing technique called Energy Time Healing (ETH).

What is ETH?

ETH stands for Energy Time Healing. As we decipher the acronym we discuss each term in detail.

1) Energy: - Everything around us and in us is nothing but energy. We are a moving bundle of energy constantly receiving, giving and transferring energy sometime consciously and most of the time unconsciously. Every word, every thought every emotion is nothing but energy which is what makes the study of individual energy so powerful. Diseases can be healed, thoughts can be changed and so powerful transformations commonly called ‘miracles’ can be a reality with proper application of this ‘energy’.

2) Time: - Time has a very beautiful concept in sense of the fact that it allows us to comprehend the ‘reality’ around us. According to ‘Theory of Mind’ the conscious mind is ability to allow us to live in ‘NOW’ comes from its ability to distinguish ‘TIME & SPACE’. So for most of us Past refers to something “BACK” and Future refers to something “FORWARD”. This is why phrases like ‘looking back in the past ‘and ‘looking forward to a new future’ comes to play.

Understanding this concept is vital to our ETH since TIME is the connecting line between ENERGY and HEALING.

3) Healing:- healing refers classically to the input of energy that the body, mind and spirit uses to correct what has gone wrong with it. It is a holistic process as any one part affects the others.

This also happens to be the final part of our ETH technique.

How does ETH work?

The process is very simple.

1) The conscious mind is put into a relaxed state so that everyday clutter takes a back seat.

2) We then observe all happenings in our life space from a neutral position following specific instructions

3) Take corrective action based on cognitive understanding of the issue.

4) Slowly come up from the relaxed state to a fully conscious and fresh state.

5) Move into a fresh and empowered life.

How is ETH so Powerful?

Our mind works on the principle of Identification, Association and Response. Which put in simpler terms would mean that our response be it verbal or emotional, internal to ourselves or external to the environment depends completely on how we see what we see. How do we identify something to being good and being not good for us. ETH creates a conscious shift in this area of life. So literally the moment you put the right glasses you start seeing the right picture. It is this simple yet so very powerful discovery that makes ETH work for almost everyone of us.

What can ETH help us in?

Energy Time Healing can help us in various ways. However few of the areas where it creates a definitive improvement are.

1) Disturbing emotions like fear, anger, worry, tension, anxiety, depression, hatred, jealousy, insult, frustration etc.

2) Physical aches & pains.

3) Understanding the core emotion.

4) Getting free from binding emotions.

Can ETH harm us?

Well this question has been asked many a times and obviously we should be sure of its ill effects if any. The answer is NO. Since when we are in a deeply relaxed state, our critical filter allows us to access the subconscious mind which by the virtue of its geometric size is 6000 times more powerful than our conscious mind and hence it does not and will not allow anything to come in the path of our welfare. The moment it feels any threat to the well being of the individual it simply snaps out. Hence there is no chance whatsoever of ETH harming us.

In fact once we are free from a limiting believe, the chances of our success in our Endeavour to lead a happier and fulfilling life go up manifold.

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TAROT READING COURSE, DELHI/NOIDA: "Want to learn how to read tarot cards? Are you interested in perhaps becoming a professional, tarot card reader? Or are you just curious about the history an..."

Women & Tarot: - The Alchemist’s Choice by Joy Dev

Women & Tarot: - The Alchemist’s Choice by Joy Dev

During my long association with Tarot which I have regarded as a divination tool. A psychic medium which helped people to delve deep inside the subconscious and search out answers far deeper and meaningful than what was at there disposal in the conscious world of five senses. However, my interactions with few of my female students changed my perceptions.

Here is one of the many experiences that they have shared with me which could perhaps help you to find some insight into seemingly unsolvable situations.

Riya a brilliant student of fashion designing was full of hopes and aspiration the day she stepped into her first job; in a big export house. Slowly the initial euphoria of being creative and getting recognized for the work-evaporated .she failed to comprehend that despite putting her best efforts and hard work, no recognition came her way. Although she used to find her created designs on the pages of company’s catalogue, yet there was no mention of the same in the office. What also used to crib her was the fact that her immediate boss was getting pay hike while her requests for the same met with frowned looks. Tired of this constant non-recognition of work, she almost decided to quit the company. As luck would have had, she learnt Tarot card reading and the first reading she did was of her own self and the problem of hers. Tarot told her of deception from a female figure. Inspired by this psychic knowledge she started hunting for answers .what she found was amazing. The designs that she was creating was passed on to her seniors by her immediate boss with just a replacement of her name with her name. Armed with this knowledge, she approached the higher authorities with initial sketches and proof. As was expected, her senior was terminated and Riya was appointed at that post. A happy ending to a problem, which almost costed Riya, her job.

The point here that has to be appreciated is that in this face of the challenging job and home scenario, women should learn to use, some form of Divination tool, which could give them an upper hand.

The author is a renowned Tarot Card Reader and a Numerological Analyst practicing for past few years.